Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thin Places

In her book "Home By Another Way" (Cowley, 1999), Barbara Brown Taylor writes of what it is we seek to encounter along our journeys of faith. The following excerpt provides me with a reminder of this as I live to fulfill my own call to ministry.

"All in all, things do not seem to work that way anymore. Most bushes do not give off the slightest bit of heat, most ladders do not have anyone’s footprints on them but our own, and most whirlwinds, when they speak, do not say anything but “whoosh.” You have to ask someone else where God has gone. I don’t know, but I do know plenty of people who are in hot pursuit.

"They try all kinds of things in hopes of encountering God. They fast, they pray, they go on pilgrimage, they beat drums. Some of them follow ancient spiritual traditions and others make things up as they go along. Some go to seminary and some go to India, but one way or another what they are all after is an experience of the living God. They have had enough explanations – the careful process of mounting dead butterflies on pins. They want to come face to face with the real thing, and they know better than to pack a net."

May we continue to seek.


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